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Mortgage Amortization CalculatorForex CalculatorEconomic & Business Reference

Mortgage Amortization CalculatorForex CalculatorEconomic & Business Reference

Process Explanation Flow Chart

1. Visit our website at www.singaporemortgagebrokers.com where we provide useful information about mortgage finance. Understand the difference between fixed and floating rates, learn about benchmark rates (SIBOR, SOR and Board Rate) otherwise known as reference rates and become acquainted with modes of repayment (principal and interest and interest only). You may run financing scenarios using our free mortgage calculator. For transactions involving foreign exchange, feel free to use the xe FX calculator.

2. If you wish to receive a home loan recommendation, contact us via phone or e-mail. This service is non-binding and free of charge. In order to properly advise you, we will need certain key documents. Please refer to Documentation Requirements for details.

3. Once we have received all your documents, we will contact you within 24 hours. Your personal mortgage consultant will review your case and propose the best and most suitable home loan package from SMB‘s panel of banks based on your specific needs and requirements. He or she is available any time to answer your questions and guide you through the entire mortgage application process.

4. As soon as you have agreed on a home loan package, you will need to sign the relevant mortgage application form whereupon SMB will submit the loan to the bank for approval.

5. The bank will review your loan application and liaise with SMB on any queries. Upon approval, the bank will prepare the Letter of Offer.

6. Your personal mortgage consultant will inform you once the bank has approved your mortgage application and arrange for a time and place to sign the Letter of Offer. At the signing you will be asked to select a lawyer to handle the subsequent legal process referred to as conveyancing.

7. Your lawyer will handle the legal work liaising with the bank(s) as necessary, he or she will contact you to arrange for signing of documents, and arrange for disbursement of the loan proceeds.

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